University Hospital Essen is a pace setter for first-rate medical services in the Ruhr region in Germany. Scientific research at UKEssen is tightly interwoven with medical practice, directly benefitting patients, who receive the latest available therapies.

The centre for functional imaging was one of the first positron emission tomography (PET) centres worldwide. The Department of Particle Therapy of the University Hospital Essen takes care of patients requiring proton beam therapy at the West German Cancer Centre and works closely with all core facilities and clinical disciplines to achieve optimal patient triage and treatment. Pediatric proton beam therapy constitutes a major focus at the WPE.

UKEssen is the clinical co-leader of WP2 devoted to the implementation of a pan-European registry of paediatric cancer patients treated with modern techniques, and has an advisory role on associated WP4 and WP5.



Beate Timmermann
Beate TimmermannWP2 Radiotherapy co-leader; task leader 2.2: Endocrine dysfunctions after photon or proton beam therapy