KU Leuven is a large university in Belgium conducting fundamental and applied research in all academic disciplines and providing high-quality health care, including specialised tertiary care,in its University Hospitals.

The Particle Therapy Interuniversity Center Leuven (ParTICLe), equipped with one clinical vault and one experimental vault, is the first proton therapy center in Belgium. The Laboratory of Experimental Radiotherapy (KU Leuven), together with the clinical Department of Radiation Oncology UZ Leuven, has a long-standing tradition and established track record in both translational and clinical research. This fits perfectly with the mission of the Leuven Cancer Institute (LKI), in which these entities are embedded.

KU Leuven will work on setting up the Belgian cohort of paediatric patients treated with modern photon and proton therapy inWP2, in connection with dosimetry and biology WPs.



Gilles Defraene
Gilles DefraeneWP2 collaborator; medical physicist