The cancer treatment centre Gustave Roussy brings together all the skills required to develop integrated research on cancer- from basic research to technological work, from epidemiology to clinical research, and from sociology to psycho-oncology. GR has expertise in medical oncology, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, radiology and reconstructive surgery, and the largest departments for paediatric tumours and medical physics in France. The Department of Child and Adolescent Cancer focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of cancers and solid tumours in childhood and adolescence. The Department of Radiation Oncology is responsible for radiation treatment of all GR patients and for patients referred from other hospitals. The hosted Cancer and Radiation Epidemiology unit is involved in studying environmental factors likely to increase the risk of cancer, in particular ionising radiation. The main research theme is improvement of anti-cancer treatment by increasing knowledge of iatrogenic effects.

GR will contribute to building the registry of paediatric cancer patients (WP2) and investigating studying the mechanisms of vascular damage in paediatric cohorts (WP5).



Brice Fresneau
Brice FresneauTask 2.3 leader: Cardiovascular toxicities after mediastinal irradiation with photons or protons; WP5 collaborator