The Belgian Nuclear Research Centre SCK•CEN, is a Foundation of Public Utility that performs research on issues of societal concern such as safety of nuclear installations, radiation protection, safe treatment and disposal of radioactive waste, and fight against uncontrolled proliferation of fissile materials. The Radiation Protection Dosimetry and Calibration (RDC) expert group performs research related to the quantification and characterization of ionizing radiation doses. Its aim is the methodological development of radiation detection techniques for both external and internal exposures, including simulation techniques. This includes medical dosimetry for the optimization of radiation doses to patients, and radiation protection of medical staff.

SCK•CEN leads WP4 on dose reconstruction, with specific activities for both cancer patients and cardiac patients. SCK•CEN is in charge of setting a cohort of paediatric, interventional cardiology patients in Belgium.



Marijke De Saint-Hubert
Marijke De Saint-HubertWP4 Dosimetry collaborator - Patient dose reconstructions in radiotherapy
Jeremie Dabin
Jeremie DabinWP4 Dosimetry leader; WP3 Interventional Cardiology collaborator
Olivier Van Hoey
Olivier Van HoeyWP4 Dosimetry collaborator -Neutron dosimetry