The Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire (IRSN) is a public organization placed under the joint authority of the French Ministries of Environment, Health, Research, Industry and Defence. It performs research and provides expert assessments into nuclear and radiological risks. It covers radiological protection of humans, protection of the environment, emergency response to radiological and nuclear events, safety of nuclear reactors, safety of radioactive material transport and waste, prevention of major accidents in nuclear power plants, as well as the nuclear defence expertise.

The Laboratory of Epidemiology (LEPID) of IRSN aims to assess the health risks associated with low doses of ionizing radiation. The laboratory has a large experience of international collaborative projects and has coordinated several European research projects. The Medical Radiation Protection Expertise Unit (UEM) provides expert assessments and assistance about radiation protection of patients and workers in the field of medical applications (diagnostic and therapeutic) of ionizing radiation.

IRSN is co-leader of the WP3, devoted to building the cohort of paediatric patients treated by cardiac catheterization. It is also an actor of the dose reconstruction WP4 for the patients involved in the cohort.



Serge Dreuil
Serge DreuilWP4 Dosimetry collaborator on dose reconstruction
Abalo Kossi Dovene
Abalo Kossi DoveneWP3 Interventional Cardiology collaborator; PhD student collaborator for cohort extension
Estelle Rage de Moissy
Estelle Rage de MoissyWP3 Interventional Cardiology collaborator - Epidemiologist in charge of the French cohort
Marie Odile Bernier
Marie Odile BernierWP3 Interventional Cardiology co-leader