HARMONIC Researchers Develop a Method to Estimate Complete Patient Exposure During Radiotherapy

The study shows that the doses absorbed by organs far from the treatment volume are substantially smaller in proton therapy than in external beam photon therapy, even when taking into account the imaging dose. For cancer patients receiving radiotherapy, reducing radiation exposure of normal tissue can prevent adverse effects, such [...]

2023-10-02T10:26:21+02:00On 02/10/2023|

HARMONIC Publishes its Protocol to Study Biological Responses to Radiation in Young Patients Treated with Radiotherapy

In the latest issue of the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, HARMONIC researchers provide a detailed overview of the rationale, design and methods for understanding how radiotherapy affects our body and which biomarkers can be used to predict long-term health risks. Radiotherapy has saved the lives of countless young cancer [...]

2023-06-23T11:02:44+02:00On 23/06/2023|

After the Award, a Publication

Isabelle Thierry-Chef receives the award in Lyon, France. photo: TimDouet Following the award received by HARMONIC at the last FISA (fission safety of reactor systems) conference in June 2022, the project has been recently featured in the European Physical Journal as part of the Euratom Research and Training [...]

2023-06-07T20:08:39+02:00On 07/06/2023|
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