Oslo University Hospital is a highly specialised hospital in charge of extensive regional and local hospital assignments and the provision of high-quality services for the citizens of Oslo. The hospital also has several national centres of competence, including the Cancer Registry of Norway – Institute for population-based cancer research (CRN) which has collected high quality data on all new cancer cases in Norway; runs 3 national cancer screening programs (for breast, cervix, and colon); and performs etiological and clinical cancer epidemiology at the national and the international level.

Involved in HARMONIC are the Department of Paediatric Cardiology, responsible for the majority of the diagnostic and interventional procedures; the Department of Research performs etiological cancer research related to lifestyle, occupational, environmental, and genetic/epigenetic factors; and the Department of Registration, responsible for registration of all new cancer cases in the country, quality assurance of registry, and analyses of trends in and distribution of cancer incidence, mortality, and survival.

Oslo University Hospital is responsible for building and following-up of the Norwegian cohort of paediatric children treated with cardiac catheterization (WP3).



Kristina Kjaerheim
Kristina KjaerheimWP3 Interventional Cardiology collaborator; National coordinator of the paediatric interventional cardiology cohort