Isabelle Thierry-Chef receives the award in Lyon, France. photo: TimDouet

HARMONIC received the EURATOM project award at the latest FISA conference, for its “high scientific level and originality of contribution”. The project was selected from among more than 50 EURATOM projects presented during the conference, which took place from Monday 30 May to Friday 3 June in Lyon, France.

The Euratom FISA conference focuses on “fission safety of reactor systems”, with radiation protection represented for the first time. “I therefore see this award as a major recognition for the work we are doing and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all pediatric patients contributing to the project and our partners in the consortium for their collaboration,” says Isabelle Thierry-Chef, ISGlobal researcher and principal investigator of HARMONIC – a project aimed at better understanding the long-term health effects of medical exposure to ioinising radiation in children treated for cancer or cardiac defects.

The main objective of these high-level policy conferences is to present progress and key achievements of the Euratom research and training projects carried out since 2019 and to stimulate discussions on the state of play of Research and Innovations, key national, European and international challenges and opportunities, as well as exploring future perspectives.