Isabelle Thierry-Chef receives the award in Lyon, France. photo: TimDouet

Following the award received by HARMONIC at the last FISA (fission safety of reactor systems) conference in June 2022, the project has been recently featured in the European Physical Journal as part of the Euratom Research and Training Awards Collection, 2022.

HARMONIC is currently developing infrastructure and tools that will enable medical professionals and the radiation protection community to better estimate the effects of ionising radiation exposure in children, adolescents and young adults. Improved understanding of the potential radiation-related risks of radiotherapy and cardiac fluoroscopy will help clinicians, patients, parents and carers to balance the benefits of the procedure against the potential risks.

“Ultimately, we hope to provide evidence that will improve radiation protection guidelines for the benefit of the patients,” says Isabelle Thierry-Chef, principal investigator of the project.